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Gain the confidence and skills to create whatever you get asked for, for your whole career. A one-off payment, for a lifetime of education

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40+ hours of added education including in depth sections on:

  • Hollywood waves
  • Curling techniques
  • Prepping the hair on all hair types
  • All hair types added to each lesson

And more!

Why be a member?


If you become a member of my online education, for the rest of your career in bridal hair you will have access to everything you can think of, in depth tutorials on all hair types meaning you can take the guess work and anxiety out of styling hair. All my tutorials are in depth and explain every stage so you completely understand the process making it easy to re create whatever you get asked for.
You have access to all content for life, and get automatic access to added content, meaning you will never stop learning.

Hannah Taylor Wedding Hair Stylist
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Don’t Panic!


Have you ever:

  • Had a bride who has asked for a style you have no idea how to re create?
  • Spent ages worrying and getting yourself worked up and feeling pressured?

Instead imagine being able to watch that hairstyle from start to finish, on the hair type of your client so you feel prepared.

My online education provides a safety blanket for all hairstylists so you no longer need to panic. You also have support from me whenever you need to ask anything I will always be here to help!

No Secrets


Learn EVERYTHING that has enabled me to build my dream business and provided me with the privilege to have styled the hair of over 1,000 brides with my wonderful team of stylists, train over 300 professional hair stylists to lead successful careers themselves & gain 100K loyal followers on Instagram.

What's Included


With lifetime access to all content, including new content, being able to watch over and over with no limits, access to the members only Facebook group where I run monthly competitions and live sessions, get advice from me whenever you need it, all for a one off payment and no payment ever again, can you really afford not to join?


I will show you my 'go to' products and tools so you don't have to carry a million things around with you that you don't need!


In-depth video tutorials for how to create every style with any hair-type, and the preparation necessary to save valuable time.


Learn my signature styles and most popular requests with in-depth videos & plenty of close-ups, so you won’t struggle when having a go yourself!


I will show you exactly how I take and edit my photos, to make your photos perfect for Instagram and help you gain followers.


Submit your beautiful results to me and I will provide you with personalised constructive feedback to help you fully master each technique.


Upon successful completion & approval of the course you will receive my certificate confirming that you are a Hannah Taylor approved hair stylist!



Upon purchase of the course you will receive access to the following:

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Next Steps


The three easy steps to creating any hair style with confidence!


You will receive your log-in details for lifetime access.


Save your progress and complete when it suits you.


With exclusive access to lifetime support

Lifetime Support




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The pre launch price is a one off payment of £449, this gives you lifetime access to the course so you can watch it over and over whenever you feel like it

No, it includes everything from the basics, to advanced techniques meaning it is suitable whether you are a complete beginner or someone that has been styling hair for years.

Everything from hollywood waves, to all kinds of low updos, high updos, whether neat or textured, glam ponytails, romantic braided looks, basically i want you to feel comfortable creating pretty much anything you get asked for.

Yes, first of all when you submit your work i will give you honest and helpful feedback to help you reach your full potential, you will also be able to join a closed Facebook group only for members, we will have discussions and be able to share our work with each other, you are also welcome to message me!

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If you would like to become a member of my online education, remember i have a discount code active at the minute before all the new content gets added! Message me if you woulf like to know more!! 
Here is something a little sleeker that is one of the lessons i filmed, this is all emmas own hair 😍 
#bridalhairstyle #halfuphalfdown #halfuphalfdownhairstyles #hollywoodwaves #bridehairinspo #weddinghairstyle #weddinghair #ukbridalhairstylist #ukweddinghairstylist
Its my birthdaaaayyyy 🥳 so thought i would put on a little selfie and show off my new teeth!! Thank you Ed at @walmsleyfamilydental i bloody love them 😬 
Now off out with the husband to be for a nice meal!! First day off since the 11th april and very well needed! ❤
I have lots of extra unexpected child free time as my little one has gone on a mini holiday!! So I am after some models!!
If you fancy sitting and having your hair played with or know someone that would love to!! Then please comment below!! 
You would need to come to Dronfield ❤ 
I am also after a model for Friday afternoon!! 
Tag away!!! 
#bridalhair #bridalhairstyles #updo #brideupdo #bridehairstyles #bridalhair #ukbridalhairstylist #ukweddinghairstylist #ukhaireducator #ukweddinghairstylist
If you would like to become a member of my online education then now literally is the best time to join!  In just a couple of weeks I am adding sooo much new content that I have been busy working on since April and prices will be going up to reflect this! But if you join before then, you will get the current price with extra discount!! 
❤Why do I say lifetime education??You only pay ONCE to join and then you are a member for life, meaning you will get access to all current content as well as ALL new content for the rest of your career!! No limits on how many times you can watch, its yours forever 
❤What will you learn???
The idea behind me having my own online education is so that I can teach you everything you need to know as detailed as possible, so that no matter what you get asked for, you will no longer need to panic as you will have everything you need at the click of a button no matter what the hair type.
Everything from Hollywood waves, how to prep for every hair type, how to create endless romantic hair looks, how to edit your work, using social media...and more
❤ Are you best taking a one to one lesson or joining online?
I have designed the whole of my online education and every lesson to feel like a one to one lesson, I film everything from start to finish using different camera angles so you can see up close so its easy to follow.
A one to one lesson is so limited time wise, whereas you will have endless hours of content with this 
❤What is the new content I am adding??
-A full in depth section on prepping all hair types 
-A full section on Hollywood waves, halo braids, creating different looks through the crown area, working on natural curls, editing photos, big volumous hairstyles, working with accessories, mother of the bride, blowdrying, dealing with difficult hairtypes....
❤How do I get the special offer??
Drop me a message if you would be interested in becoming a member and I will give you a discount code to use at checkout!! 
If you have any questions just send me a dm and I will be happy to help!!
#bridalhaireducation #weddinghaireducation #learnbridalhair #learnweddinghair #haireducation #haireducator
Brunette hair inspo ❤
I hope you like this one!! Tag a friend that would suit this!! 
#bridehairstyles #bridehair #bridesmaidhair #bridesmaidhairstyles #brunettehairinspo #brunettehair #bridalupdo #weddingupdo #weddinghairstyle #weddingupdo #darkhair #romantichairstyles #romanticupdo #curlyupdo #hairgoals #bridehair
Half up half down inspo ❤
Tag a friend that would suit these looks!
These are some of the looks I filmed last week and will be added to my online education! 
I hope you like them ❤
#bridalhair #bridalhairstyles #bridalhairgoals #halfuphalfdown #halfuphalfdowngoals #hairdownideas #hairdownbride #hairideas #bridehair #weddinghairstyle #weddingupdo #weddinghairstyles #weddinghairgoals #hairinspo #ukbridalhairstylist #ukweddinghairstylist #haireducation
Have you ever spent lots of time working on getting that height through the top that gets asked for almost every time? From where you're stood you can see lots of volume so you wonder why they keep asking for more? If you ever end up with a shape similar to the photo on the left, this can happen when you are doing the following 
1) You're not using enough tension when you're teasing/backcombing the root area, not holding the roots tight enough will mean you can't get to the very root. Instead the, hold the hair out from the head at 90 degrees so you can really get to the root area. 
2) You're teasing/backcombing in the wrong places, you're most likely teasing too far down the hair and not at the roots, this can result in flat roots and ends resembling a nest like finish.
3) Youre over smoothing the surface of the hair because of the messy texture, which then flattens the top even more and creates this strange shape at the back of the head. 
4) You're not seeing the hair from the same view your client is seeing it, instead really get down to their eye level when looking through the mirror so you can really see it how they can.
5) To help get a nice shape, ensure the roots are free of any kinks and have a nice bend to them.
6) When creating your shape, follow the natural shape of the head so its really flattering!! 
7) before teasing, use some volume powder at the roots.
8) Don't forget about the hair on the sides, work on getting volume here too to get a nice shape!! 
9) For a softer shape don't pull the hair too tightly over the ears
10) Never secure the crown area too high up the head  Please leave me a comment if this was useful and don't forget to SAVE ❤
#hairstyles #hairtips #updos #bridalhair #bridalhairstyles #bridalhair #weddinghairstyle #weddinghairinspo #hairideas #weddingupdo #bridalupdo #bridalhairtips #haireducation
1- 6 which is your favourite??
One head of hair, 6 variations of relaxed boho half up looks.
Leave me a comment and let me know which you would choose, tag a bride to be and SAVE for inspo ❤
#bridalhair #halfuphalfdown #halfuphalfdownhairstyles #bridehairstyles #bridehairinspo #bridalhairstyles #bohobride #bohohairstyle #bohohair #bohohairstyles #beyondtheponytail #behindthechair #weddinghairstyle #weddinghairinspo #weddingupdo #weddinghairgoals #hairgoals #hairinspo #halfuphairstyles #romantichairstyle #wavyhairstyle #modernweddinghair #ukbridalhairstylist #ukweddinghairstylist
HAIR TRIAL TIPS ❤  After a busy first week back, lots of filming, 4 bridal trials (pictured) and a wedding, I thought I would share some trial tips!  1) When looking for ideas, ideally look for styles that are similar to your hair colour, ive been shown platinum blonde hair inspo pictures all week on brides with dark hair which is great but bear in mind the end result will look different.
2) Be open to suggestions and also open to the idea of getting some clip in extensions to add more volume.
3) Send your hairstylist pictures of your hair beforehand and some pictures of what you have in mind so you are both prepared 
4) Put on a bit of makeup if you are wanting more of an idea of the overall look
5) Wear a white top, with a similar neck line to your dress so you can really imagine it with your dress 
6) When looking for ideas, really think about how you feel the most beautiful, is your hair up or down? How do you like to wear it around the front?
7) In terms of an accessory, I would normally advise you trialing your hair first before buying something, and you can be advised on what is best depending on the style 
8) avoid straightening or curling your hair unless your stylist has specifically asked you to  I hope this is useful for any brides to be ❤❤❤
#hairstyles #hairinspo #bridalhair #bridalhairstyles #weddinghair #weddinghairinspo #bridehair #updo #brideupdo #bigweddinghair #bridehairideas #weddinghairideas

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