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The journey to taking your bridal hairstyling to the next level starts here


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I’ve been teaching in person workshops and one to one lessons for a long time now, but there is only so much I can teach in a day! That’s why I wanted to be able to offer something like this, in depth videos starting from the prep and finishing with the final result, with me explaining every stage. It is important to me that you are able to watch each style all the way through to see how I get to my end result, rather than me missing parts out.

I have tried to explain the best I can how my mind works when it comes to hair! How I break things down and figure out how things are done and I am hoping by the end of this, you will feel so much better and more confident when it comes to wedding hair!

So here it is, I hope you enjoy, please try and REALLY focus on the hair so you don’t notice my multiple chins and chipped nail varnish!!!

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