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Learn EVERYTHING that has enabled me to build my dream business and provided me with the privilege to have styled the hair of over 1,000 brides with my wonderful team of stylists, train over 300 professional hair stylists to lead successful careers themselves & gain 150K loyal followers on Instagram.


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“I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Hannah’s online training when I did. It’s a great resource to refresh my skills, learn new techniques and how to manage different hair types etc. I didn’t know where to start with tools/products when I started and it’s all on there to help, alongside the in-depth tutorials. It’s the best money I have ever spent and so reasonable for the level of training provided. I started with no experience and from this training I’ve gone on to build a really good bridal business for myself which I am super proud of. I can’t praise it more, I tell everyone to join because I know how valuable it has been for me and it is so important to keep learning.”



    “I find it really hard to actually put in to words how much Hannah’s education has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but if it wasn’t for Hannah’s online education I may have given up on my dream of being a bridal hair stylist. The online education itself is very easy to navigate and follow and Hannah’s in-depth explanation of every single thing she does is absolutely priceless. I signed up a few years ago and still to this day go back and watch tutorials to remind me of techniques. Hannah is always on hand if you need to ask any questions or have any concerns which is invaluable especially if you are self employed and work alone. I 100% recommend Hannah’s online education for all levels of bridal hairstylists”



      “Buying Hannah’s online education was the best thing that I have done in my career in bridal hair. It has given me the confidence to approach any hairstyle I get shown without worrying. Hannah constantly uploads new content and is always happy to give feedback and help where needed. It’s perfect as it’s just a one-off payment and then you have access to all of the new videos that get posted. If you’re thinking about joining than you 100% should.”



        “I absolutely love Hannah’s course! It is seriously the best quality video and she shares every last detail you need to succeed in recreating a style. The step by step approach she has, takes the guess work out, so you can feel confident recreating the looks no matter what your model looks like. I think it’s worth at least 3X the price I paid and I would do it a thousand times over. And in addition to the course Hannah is constantly adding new content that just keeps you up to date and provides more feedback than I would ever imagine. I cannot recommend the programme enough!”



          “Hannah’s online education has helped me gain so much more confidence in my styling and helped me branch out from the Boho styling I was stuck in. Hannah has such clever ways to make styles that seem complicated, much easier. Hannah explains and breaks down every hairstyle in great detail whilst showing you tips and tricks that make hairstyling more efficient and less time consuming. Hannah’s online and in person education is the best money I have invested in myself as a wedding hair specialist. Thank you so much for such a great hairstylist education platform and community J”



            “I can hands down say that what Hannah is offering is a very bespoke education and the reason for that is it’s personal. It doesn’t just feel like you’re one in 10,000 students, She is there to reach out to if you’re ever unsure and she’s just kind, helpful down to earth and personable. She uses real models with a variety of hair types and the community she has built is one of like minded supported stylists. I feel cheered on and have loved seeing my work improve. I love knowing I can dip in and out if I feel like I’ve lost my way with a style or I face something I don’t feel I’m nailing and I enjoy being inspired by the new content she updates. Like Nike – but with hair, just do it!”



              “Being a part of Hannah’s online education has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career so far and has been worth every penny. Her clear video tutorials are easy to follow and I love that you can look at every step by step section if you need to jog your memory. There is such a variety of styles available and Hannah works hard to upload updates – I also absolutely love the members community. Hannah has personally been a huge support for me and my business and is never too busy to answer my questions. I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without Hannah and her online education. I even went to one of her in person workshops as I couldn’t get enough! Thank you so much Hannah, It’s the best investment I have ever made”



                “Hannah’s education is more than I could have ever imagined. Her step by step education is so easy to follow and she continues to update the course with current trends and styles over the time I have been a member. It’s filled with so many tips and tricks that you’ll keep forever. With lifetime access the course is amazing value for money! You can log in at any time from anywhere in the world to keep up to date with all the new content! Thank you Hannah for always inspiring me to grow and learn as much as I can!”



                  “it’s the best education ever. It’s organised, easy to understand and the way it’s all laid out with all the tools you need, important things to remember and the stages of the process written out it’s so easy to recap on anything. Love it!”



                    “I’ve loved having Hannah’s online education. It’s so easy to follow and I love that you can just fit it in when you have a quiet few minutes. Hannah is one of the best teachers for occasion hair and her online training is the best”



                      “Joining Hannah’s online course has been the BEST investment in my career. I’ve loved learning new tips and tricks, the tutorials are so in depth! Hannah is always happy to give you feedback. I can learn at my own pace in my own time and I am gaining so much confidence. Thanks Hannah”


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                        “Joining Hannah’s online education is the best thing I’ve ever invested in for my career. It’s helped me so much to overcome complicated hairstyles, everything is explained clearly and broken down to learn each technique step by step. It’s crazy to think I’ve got this education for life as well as new tutorials being added regularly. I’ve gained a lot more confidence in doing what I love and my wedding hair business wouldn’t be where it is today without it. Thank you so much”



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