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"Hannah's education is more than I imagined. Her guidance is easy to follow, updated with current trends. Filled with tips and lifetime access, the course offers great value. Log in from anywhere to access content!"

"I’ve loved using Hannah’s online education. It’s easy to follow, fitting into your schedule easily. Hannah is undoubtedly one of the best for occasion hair, with her training being top-notch in the industry."

"Hannah’s online training transformed my career. It's intuitive and easy to follow. Despite years since signing up, I still revisit tutorials to refresh skills. Her availability for questions makes this a must for bridal hairstylists."

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"Joining Hannah’s online course was a great career move. I’ve enjoyed learning new tips and in-depth tutorials. Hannah’s feedback is invaluable. I learn at my own pace and am gaining so much confidence."

"Grateful for Hannah’s training, which boosted my skills and introduced new techniques for various hair types. With no prior experience, it was key to starting my successful bridal business. A superb, affordable investment."

"Hannah’s online training reshaped my career. Its intuitive design and comprehensive tutorials are priceless. Years later, I revisit lessons to refine skills. Hannah's support makes this program vital for bridal hairstylists."

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Become confident and successful doing something you love

Do you feel the pressure when it comes to bridal hair??

Do you make it up as you go along?? Maybe you’re not experienced and want to start?? Or just want to up your skills and be the best you can be?! Join over 1,300 students from all over the world and discover a new way of approaching bridal hair! My way of working is simple and effective, giving you amazing results without you feeling the need to overthink things!!! You’ll finally have a clear understanding of how to create the styles you’re always getting asked for, without it taking you forever!!

“Joining Hannah’s online education is the best thing I’ve ever invested in for my career. It’s helped me so much to overcome complicated hairstyles, everything is explained clearly and broken down to learn each technique step by step. It’s crazy to think I’ve got this education for life as well as new tutorials being added regularly. I’ve gained a lot more confidence in doing what I love and my wedding hair business wouldn’t be where it is today without it. Thank you so much”

Why become a member?

– You pay once, yes ONCE and you’ll have lifetime access INCLUDING all added content!!
– ⁠You’ll be forever learning and keeping up to date with the current trends
– ⁠you’ll learn simple but clever techniques you’ll be able to use over and over allowing you to work faster with amazing results
– ⁠access to members Instagram page and Facebook page!
– ⁠support, guidance and feedback from me along the way when you need it!!
– ⁠In depth lessons explaining everything in great detail!

Can you afford NOT to join??

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do a monthly membership??

No, I designed my education so that once you’ve paid to join, you’re in! and you get education for life at no extra charge!

What will I learn??

I keep no secrets; I will teach you all I know! From Hollywood waves, curly textured looks, sleek and chic updos, to knowing how to face frame, hide hair grips, get the perfect smooth finish…the list is endless…

Is it an annual payment?

No, once you join you never pay again.

Once I’m a member, how do I get the new content?

You’ll automatically get access to the new content without having to do anything

Do I have a time limit to access it?

No! You get lifetime access to all content and can watch everything unlimited amounts!!

How long are the videos?

They all differ but they are very in-depth so you learn lots! I didn’t want to put together videos that still left important parts out!

Once I join when will I get access??

You’ll instantly get an email with your log in details to access the education! You will then need to request to follow the social media groups and I will get you accepted!

Do the live lessons get saved??

Yes all live lessons are on the members Instagram page and are saved to watch back any time!! These are done regularly.

How can I get support if I have questions?

You can always reach out to us directly! We're here to assist you every step of the way.

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JOIN today and I promise you won’t regret it!!

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