03. Romantic mermaid braid

Long Braids ROMANTIC MERMAID BRAID WHAT DOES THIS COVER? Prepping for the style, creating a soft braid effect, using elastics, teasing out sections to add texture, adding accessories. TOOLS GHD Classic curl, Babyliss Prima 3000, elastics, grips, comb, brush PRODUCTS Heat Protector spray, smoothing cream, medium hold hair spray STEP BY STEP Smooth the root

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05. Messy boho braid

Signature MESSY BOHO BRAID WHAT DOES THIS COVER? Using elastics to create a messy boho braided look, minimal prep, adding softness to the look, finishing off the crown section, hiding your elastics. TOOLS Elastics, comb, hair grips PRODUCTS Wax spray, hair spray, Babyliss Prima 3000 STEP BY STEP Take a section through the top of

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01. Easy twisted mermaid braid

Long Braids easy twisted mermaid braid WHAT DOES THIS COVER? This tutorial shows how i create the volume through the crown area and creating this piecey texture through the crown, using padding, and creating a simple low bun. TOOLS Babyliss prima 3000 Fork comb 2.5 inch hair grips Elastics Hair padding (donut) PRODUCTS kyk magic

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