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Braiding the crown area

08. Braiding the crown area

Crown area Braiding the crown area FISHTAIL BRAID (INTO A PONYTAIL) WHAT DOES THIS COVER? Creating a soft fishtail braid and teasing it out, knowing how to cover elastics with the hair. TOOLS Comb, hair elastics, hair pin PRODUCTS Medium hold hair spray, volume powder STEP BY STEP Work on straighter hair, apply volume powder

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Chignon thick

09. Chignon

TheBun CHIGNON 01. LONG THICK HAIR WHAT DOES THIS COVER? Creating a chignon on long heavy hair, knowing where to put all those ends. TOOLS Bobble/hair tie, grips padding, sectioning clips PRODUCTS Medium hold hair spray/volume powder STEP BY STEP Start with a low ponytail. Hold the ponytail up and secure in place by using

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10. Braided bun

TheBun BRAIDED BUN 01. ON LONG HEAVY HAIR WHAT DOES THIS COVER? Creating a braided bun on long heavy hair, securing in padding, hiding grips TOOLS Padding, elastics, grips, teasing brush, comb PRODUCTS Smoothing cream STEP BY STEP Working on straight smooth hair, with the crown section already secured in place. Place a low ponytail

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