01. Wearing the hair down

Do’s & Don’ts WHEN WEARING THE HAIR DOWN DON’TS 01. STRAIGHT PARTING The straight parting makes the scalp visible 02. HAIRLINE VISIBLE Single strand of hair at the front, all the hairline is visible 03. BRAID TOO SEVERE The braid has been pulled back too severely DO’S 01. ZIG ZAG PARTING Zig Zag parting means […]

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02. Braiding off the face

Do’s & Don’ts WHEN braiding off the face DON’TS 01. HAIR DOESN’T FLOW Notice how the hair doesn’t flow, the hair sits at an awkward angle. This happens when you stand in the wrong position. 02. SCALP SHOWING The hairline is too severely pulled back showing the scalp. DO’S 01. LEAVE HAIR AT FRONT When

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03. Creating an updo

Do’s & Don’ts WHEN creating an updo DON’TS 01. SIDES BROUGHT OVER The sides have been brought over the top of the bun at the end, this can sometimes look dated, and will not fall as flattering around the front. 02. CROWN SCRAPED BACK The crown area is too scraped back, compared to the picture

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04. The shape

Do’s & Don’ts WHEN CREATING the shape DON’TS 01. TIGHT OVER THE EARS The hair has been pulled over too tight over the ears. 02. AVOID A GAP There shouldn’t ever be a gap here DO’S 01. SOFT AROUND THE EARS Leave the hair falling softer around the ears by teasing the hair slightly 02.

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