01. Full dramatic ponytail



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Creating a dramatic ponytail, adding padding, creating volume, curling techniques.

Babyliss Prima 3000, GHD Classic curl, padding, grips, sectioning clips, comb, pins

Heat protector, Silhouette spray, medium hold hair spray, volume powder

  1. Work on un-prepped hair, smoothing the roots out with the straighteners first and apply heat protector spray beforehand.

  2. Leaving the sides of the hair out, split the back into two sections, one on top and one underneath.

  3. Secure the bottom section in a ponytail and clip the rest out of the way.

  4. Starting with the bottom section of the ponytail, work in small sections curling the hair back away from the face on either side.

  5. Once curled apply volume powder at the root and backcomb the hair right at the root, comb out the bottom of each curl to fan the curl out in order to create volume then set in position with silhouette spray.

  6. Carry on for each section until you have completed the first ponytail.

  7. Take the next section and place it into a ponytail, leaving out any bits of hair around the front that you want leaving out or that you want bringing in later.

  8. Between both ponytails secure some padding in position.

  9. Start to curl the second ponytail in the same way and spray with volume powder, backcomb and open up each curl as you go along.

  10. Keep going until you have finished the second ponytail.

  11. Decide how much hair you would like to leave around the face and pick up the section of hair above the ponytail.

  12. Work a bend at the roots with the straighteners and tease the roots as much or as little as you like depending on how much volume you are wanting to achieve.

  13. Smooth out and hold into position and secure temporarily with sectioning clips, while you cur the hair in the same way as before.

  14. Secure the top section in place by using a bobble with two grips attached.

  15. Check your shape from the front and soften if needed.

  16. Working on the sides, start from the bottom section and tease out the roots and bend the hair back while you curl the ends, temporarily securing with a sectioning clip. Curl away from the face.

  17. Once curled replace the sectioning clip with a hair grip and connect the hair to the padding.

  18. Continue until you reach the final section at the top, with this section place on top of the ponytail and secure temporarily with a pin.

  19. Starting on the other side of the head do the same and repeat until you reach your final section.

  20. On the final section, drape over the top and place this under the ponytail securing in place.

  21. Remove the pins and sneak some hair grips through to secure the section and curl the last piece.

  22. Finish by curling the hair around the face and tidy up any areas you like with your fork comb.
  1. If in doubt as to where to place your elastic, always go higher as it is easier to move the elastic further down, than it is to move it higher up.

  2. Don’t be scared to tease the hair out.

  3. Check the shape is even, make sure there isn’t a gap where the bun sits on the hairline.
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