02. Boho half up half down



boho half up half down
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Curling the hair with the straighteners to create a more textured/boho curl. Securing the hair into a half up half down.

Babyliss Prima 3000, teasing brush, comb, grips

Silhouette spray, Heat protector spray

  1. Decide how you want the hair to fall back from around the front.

  2. Start to curl the hair, section off the hair in rows and use the straighteners to bend the hair and curl, take the ends out for a more boho look.

  3. Alternate direction, ensuring the first and last curl on each row is curled away from the face.

  4. Once the full row is curled, begin with your first curl and open each curl up by using your comb and spraying it in place with silhouette spray.

  5. Continue all the way up the back section, fanning out each curl as you go to create your volume.

  6. Starting with the side sections, repeat and curl away from the face, opening up each curl once it has cooled to create the texture.

  7. Once the hair is curled begin to pin the crown area in place by carefully twisting sections and gripping in place, depending on how you are wanting it to look, teasing it out with your fingers as you go, pinching small sections and carefully pulling.

  8. Decide on the amount of hair you want leaving around the face and work the sides back, carefully twisting and pinning in place at the crown.

  9. Work on each side, carefully gripping the hair into place.

  10. Soften the end with your fork comb if needed and check you are happy with the look from the front.

  1. Once you have curled a section, wrap your finger around the curl to encourage it to stay in that position.

  2. Make sure you really open up each curl and spray to set it in its new position.

  3. Leave out the ends for a more ‘undone’ boho look.

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