03. Boho half up to boho updo



boho half up to boho updo
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Changing the boho half up into an updo using a quick method, hiding grips, creating a textured bun.

Grips, elastics

Silhouette Spray

  1. Starting from the “boho half up” (see tutorial).

  2. The remaining hair that is down, gather the hair and split it into three sections, the biggest section being in the middle, saving a few strands out either side of the hairline to soften.

  3. Twist the middle section together and wrap around to create a bun shape and secure it into place using your closed grips, leaving the ends out if you want to.

  4. Pick up a section from the side of the bun and work this over the bun, teasing this out and twisting as you go along.

  5. Take the other side and twist and decide where you want this section to sit, then secure it into position.

  6. Decide which parts you want to be left out of the bun (if any) and gather the rest and secure this out of the way.

  7. Check out the shape all the way around moving any strands and teasing out any sections until you are happy with the finish.

  1. Don’t be afraid to tease out the sections you are working on, you don’t want it to look really tight.

  2. If you are working on a big section that you need to secure in place, you could use an elastic and then run your hair grip through the elastic and across the scalp.

  3. Don’t open your hair grips when securing your sections in place.

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