05. Rope braid into side fishtail



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Creating a full braid with minimal prep, teasing out the braid, hiding the elastic at the ends.

Elastics, hair grips, comb

Smoothing cream, hairspray

  1. No need to over prep the hair. Start on hair with a smooth root but there is no need to curl the ends.

  2. Starting on one side, leave out the hair around the hairline and slightly zig zag the parting to break it up.

  3. Taking a section from the top, split this into two. Take the outer section and place this over the top of the other section.

  4. Add another section and add to the underneath section and again, place over the top.

  5. Continue repeating this until you reach the bottom corner on the other side.

  6. Take all the hair from the front (other than the hair line) and connect this into your twist.

  7. You then want to split this into sections and begin to create a fishtail braid using relatively big sections so it looks fuller.

  8. When you reach the bottom, secure temporarily with a sectioning clip while you work on the braid, fanning each section out to make it wider.

  9. Use closed grips to alter the shape around the back if needed.

  10. Remove the sectioning clip and replace with an elastic, leaving the top part out so you’re only securing half. This way the hair on top covers the elastic.

  11. Backcomb the hair at the bottom.

  12. Bring in some strands from around the front and loosely curl the front

  1. No need to over prep the hair for this style, if the hair is too silky, you could use some texture spray or powder to create more texture.

  2. Don’t put your elastic in until your braid has been teased out and you are happy with the look.

  3. Keep the style looking soft around the neck and not too tight.

  4. Remember to check your shape from all angles.

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