06. Fishtail halo braid



fishtail halo braid
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Creating a fishtail crown braid, avoiding any parting, keeping the front soft, hiding elastics and grips.

Teasing brush, elastics, grips, Babyliss Prima 3000

Texture spray, hairspray

  1. Work with relatively straight hair, no need for a perfectly smooth finish, add texture spray if needed.

  2. Part the hair from front to back creating a deep zig zag so that once both sides have been braided there is no parting visible.

  3. Working on one side of the hair first, leave out some strands of the hair you are wanting to leave out.

  4. Starting from the top begin to create a fishtail braid at the scalp, using quite big sections, working your way down into the middle.

  5. Once you’ve finished with the braid on the scalp, secure this with sectioning clips while you continue to create a fishtail braid right to the ends, backcomb the ends to hold the position.

  6. Repeat this process for the other side.

  7. Figure out where the braids will be secured and tease out the bottom part of the braid (not the scalp).

  8. One side at a time, bring the braid around the front and secure into place, using your closed grips.

  9. With the second braid, tease this out and again bring this round the front.

  10. Tuck the ends under the previous braid and secure both braids in position with closed grips, moving them exactly where you want them to sit.

  11. Tease out the crown and the hair around the front and add a curl to the strands that are left out.

  1. Ensure you can’t see any of the scalp, always zig zag your parting.

  2. Tease out the fishtail braid so it is nice and full.

  3. Check your shape and when securing the braids around the front, make sure you hide the ends and the grips

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