09. Super messy low bun



Super messy low bun
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A quick technique for a low bun, creating a messy texture, knowing which parts to tease out, grip placement.

Babyliss Prima 3000, Elastics, 2.5 inch grips, comb

Hair spray, Volume Powder

  1. Working on relatively straight hair, no need to over prep the hair.

  2. Decide how much hair you want to be left out around the front, check you are happy with it from the front.

  3. Place the hair in a low ponytail, but don’t pull the hair all the way through, so you’ve now got a loop of hair and then the remaining ends.

  4. With the looped section, tease this out in a few parts to create more texture.

  5. With the ends, bring these around the back of the looped section and secure into place using your closed grips.

  6. Make sure the whole bun is secure by working your grips through, teasing out as you go along.

  7. Go through the crown area, pulling out sections to create a messier, textured finish.

  8. Work a slight bend through the hair around the face, leaving the ends out.

  9. Tease the fringe and spray into place.

  1. Keep your grips closed when securing the bun into place.

  2. When pulling the hair through your ponytail, keep the looped section compact to begin with. If this section it too big it will look baggy, especially as you tease it out.

  3. When teasing out the bun, leave gaps in between to make the texture stand out more.

  4. When curling the hair around the face leave out the ends for a more undone finish.

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