10. Twisted low bun with subtle braid



Twisted low bun subtle braid
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Working on soft medium length hair, creating a low full bun, securing padding, knowing a quick way of adding extensions, hiding grips, showing texture on dark hair, backcombing.

GHD Classic curl, Padding, clip in hair extensions, elastics, grips

Heat Protector spray, smoothing cream

  1. Work a quick curl through the ends of the hair with the GHD Classic curl tongs, working, working on quite big sections so it doesn’t take too long.

  2. Get rid of any kinks at the root.

  3. Decide how you want to wear the hair around the front, take the parting further over in a slight zig zag if you want a bit of extra lift.

  4. Decide on the section you want to braid, and zig zag the section to break up any lines and clip this out of the way while you work on the rest.

  5. Decide on the area you want to use for the crown section and clip this in a separate position out of the way.

  6. Zig zag the hair behind the ears and place in a low ponytail, slightly over to the left.

  7. Drop the crown area section down (Not the braid section).

  8. Tease out the root area of the crown if you wish.

  9. Connect the crown to the ponytail with another elastic.

  10. Pull out a few fine sections in the crown to add texture and spray into place.

  11. Drop the braided section down and create a braid, working back towards the ponytail.

  12. Connect the braid to the ponytail using another elastic.

  13. Tease out the braid slightly to add more volume and detail.

  14. Other than the parts you want to leave around the face, use the remaining hair, tease the roots slightly if needed and again attach this to the ponytail.

  15. If using extensions, fold them up tight and using another elastic, attach these to the ponytail.

  16. Use a small amount of padding and secure over the extensions, if you aren’t using extensions, just move the ponytail across and place padding on top of the elastic.

  17. Working in sections, twist the section and secure with an elastic, place this across the padding and use a hair grip through the elastic and across the scalp to secure in place.

  18. Tease out this twisted section to create texture and to open up this section.

  19. Continue with the rest of the ponytail, working across to cover the padding, making sure to use your closed grips through the twists to attach them to the padding.

  20. Once all the twists are secured in place, work through the bun teasing it out to create texture.

  21. Check the shape from all angles

  1. When taking sections always use a zig zag line to avoid partings.

  2. Don’t be afraid to really tease out each section.

  3. When placing the ponytail, go slightly off centre for this style.

  4. Make sure the padding is properly secure before you place the twists over the top.

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