11. Romantic mermaid braid



Hannah Taylor romantic mermaid braid
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Prepping for the style, creating a soft braid effect, using elastics, teasing out sections to add texture, adding accessories.

GHD Classic curl, Babyliss Prima 3000, elastics, grips, comb, brush

Heat Protector spray, smoothing cream, medium hold hair spray

  1. Smooth the root area with the straighteners and begin to add a quick curl through the ends using the GHD Classic curl, going away from the face on either side.

  2. Decide on how you want the hair to fall around the front before you curl the top and sides.

  3. Run smoothing cream all the way through, then take a small section at the top of the crown and keep this out of the way for now.

  4. Take a section down the middle, leaving plenty of hair on either side.

  5. Working on the middle section, pick up a small part at the top and secure with an elastic.

  6. Fan the section out slightly and pull out some sections to add detail and texture.

  7. Working down the middle section, take a section of hair on either side and gather it in an elastic and then tease it out.

  8. Continue doing this, working down your section, leaving curl at the bottom.

  9. Starting on one side, leave some strands around the front and take some of the hair and bring it over to reach the first elastic you put in. Place the section in another elastic and tuck this behind so the ends fall in a new position and you are covering the elastics as you go along.

  10. Switch to the other side and repeat, making a plan as you go depending on how you want your sections to fall.

  11. You can choose to leave the ends out or bring them back in, depending on the look you want.

  12. Keep working from side to side until you have added the strands you want to leave out.

  13. Work through the middle teasing out your sections.

  14. Drop the top section down and bring the curls down and add them into it if you want to soften the braid.

  15. Add in any accessories.

  1. Don’t spent too long curling the hair before, you just want some movement running through the ends.

  2. When splitting the hair into 3 sections, leave out plenty of hair around the sides, if you don’t leave enough your braid wont look finished, as there wont be enough hair to go over the base.

  3. When you start to bring in the hair on the sides, work the hair in by bringing it around the back of the elastic and pulling the ends through a gap, this will hide your elastics as you go along.

  4. When you are teasing it out, always hold on to where it has been secured in first, this will make it much easier to tease out.

  5. Don’t put your elastics right on the ends, leave some curls at the bottom so it looks fuller.

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