12. High perky ponytail adding extensions



high perky ponytail adding extensions
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Adding extensions to create a fuller ponytail, backcombing, covering elastics, twist wrapping the curl, hiding your elastics/hair ties, adding texture to dark hair.

Babyliss Prima 3000, GHD Classic curl, comb extensions, bobble, grips, hair pin

Volume Powder, hair spray, Silhouette spray

  1. Working on the root area only to begin with, smooth over the straighteners to add a bend and to create a nicer finish.

  2. Decide on the position of your ponytail and avoid adding extensions in this area if possible.

  3. Begin to place your extensions, placing them upside down on the bottom part of the head so its nicer, adding volume powder and teasing the roots before you attach them.

  4. Keep placing the extensions upside down until you reach the point where you want your ponytail to sit.

  5. Through the top, attach your extensions at an angle so they don’t stick out when the hair is pulled back.

  6. Section out the crown and the sides and leave this for now.

  7. Gather all the bottom section and using 2 grips on a bobble/elastic, secure into a ponytail.

  8. Pick up the top area above the ponytail and tease out the roots slightly if you want some more volume.

  9. Leave out some strands around the front and working on the sides, backcomb the roots for a nicer shape.

  10. Gather the remaining hair and gently brush this so it connects to your ponytail by using a couple of elastics.

  11. Once all the hair is in one ponytail, using your comb and fingers, pull out a few sections to add more texture and volume.

  12. Working on your ponytail, work from the bottom and using small sections, add a curl using the twist wrapping technique, leaving the ends out for a more textured look, working away from the face on either side.

  13. Tease out the roots of each section and fan out each curl, spraying it into place.

  14. Continue all the way up until you have created a really full ponytail.

  15. Take a small section from the ponytail and wrap around the elastic holding it tight, use a pin to pull this through so it becomes part of the ponytail.

  16. Curl the front sections and tease to create volume.

  1. Don’t curl the hair until it’s in the ponytail.

  2. Take small sections when working on the ponytail to really get lots of volume.

  3. Hold with plenty of tension when teasing the roots so you get as close to the root as possible, if not, you wont get a bend from the root.

  4. Avoid placing extensions on the point where your ponytail will be sitting, go above and below this point.

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