13. Creating a simple bun on shorter hair



creating a simple bun on shorter hair
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Backcombing, securing padding, securing short strands of hair and positioning them out of the way, creating a smooth finish.

Comb, elastics, grips, padding

Hair spray, Silhouette spray

  1. Start with the bun once all the crown area is secured (See the crown area tutorial – BREAKING UP A LOW UPDO).

  2. Grip the hair over to the left and using a small amount of padding, secure this in the middle, over the grips.

  3. With the section of hair you have to work with, really tease each section well to fill it out so its more of a solid piece, making it easier to mould into place.

  4. Bring the hair over the padding and skim over the top surface of hair to get a smooth shiny finish, but leaving all the backcomb underneath.

  5. Place the hair over and hold into position, using closed grips to secure.

  6. Take off the shorter hairs that don’t reach and gather these in an elastic band, tuck the ends up in the elastic so they don’t stick out.

  7. Place this in position underneath the bun and run your hair grip through the elastic and along the scalp.

  8. Work some closed grips through the hair on the surface of the bun to attach the hair to the padding.

  9. Check your shape and finish and spray any fly aways. Use your fork comb to get rid of any messy sections and spray in place.

  10. Add any accessories if you wish.

  1. The crown area is already secured when you start on the bun.

  2. Use padding and secure properly before bringing the hair over.

  3. Backcomb the hair well to make it a solid section before bringing it over the padding.

  4. Check you have a perfect finish and shape.

  5. Use an elastic on the shorter strands to tuck them out of the way without having the worry of them sticking out.

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