14. Dutch braided bun



dutch braided bun
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Creating soft braids round the side going into a bun, creating texture around the front and in the crown, teasing out sections to create a more textured look, simple bun technique.

Comb, elastics, hair grips, Babyliss Prima 3000

Volume powder, medium hold hair spray, smoothing cream

  1. No need to over prep the hair, you want some texture in the hair, no need to curl the hair either, add texture spray if the hair is too silky.

  2. Decide which parts you want left around the face.

  3. Zig zag the parting around the front to add texture and lift, and split the hair down the back, zig zagging again so none of the scalp is visible.

  4. Starting on one of the sides, begin braiding the hair back working towards the position you want the bun to sit.

  5. Saving a section at the front, you can bring this in further down the braid for a softer look around the front.

  6. Once you’ve reached the nape of the neck, continue to braid right to the ends and secure with an elastic.

  7. Repeat on the other side.

  8. Once both sides are braided, open up the braid to get more width and volume, soften and tease out the hair around the hairline and the crown area.

  9. Wrap both braids around each other and go around to form a nice bun shape at the nape of the neck, using closed grips through the bun to secure it in place, making sure you cant see any elastics or grips.

  10. Work through the whole style teasing out to fill it out and create a softer look.

  11. Curl the hair away from the face on either side and spray into position

  1. There is no need to over curl the hair for this style, just smooth out the roots and smooth the hair over if needed, you want some texture so add texture spray before if the hair is too soft.

  2. When splitting the hair in two sections, make sure you use a deep zig zag so you can’t see the scalp and this will help the style to sit soft through the crown area.

  3. When braiding the front, leave a small section out that you can bring into the braid further down, this will fall a lot softer around the face.

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