15. Bridal half up half down with braid



bridal half up half down with braid
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Twist wrapping curling technique, creating a long lasting curl, creating structure through the crown.

GHD Classic curl, sectioning clips, grips, comb, elastics

Heat protector spray, hair spray, smoothing cream, volume powder

  1. Make a rough plan and figure out the area you will be taking up, you now want to curl up to that point, don’t curl the parts you are pinning up, those ends need to be curled once it is secured in place.

  2. Starting from the bottom, work across in sections and use the twist wrapping technique to curl, the first and last section needs to be curled away from the face, but in between, through the row, alternate your directions.

  3. Once you’ve curled each row, fan each curl out and spray into position.

  4. As you work up closer to the crown area, begin the curl slightly lower down.

  5. Once you reach the crown, using a zig zag line, decide on the section you will be pinning up for the crown are and the braided section.

  6. Clip this section out of the way and curl the remaining hair underneath the crown, being sure not to curl the hair too high up.

  7. Pick up the crown section, and working in sections, tease out the roots and fan out each section as you go and smooth them into place.

  8. Split the crown area down the middle, twisting both halves towards the middle, running your hair grip across to secure in place.

  9. Tease out some sections through the crown to add texture.

  10. Curl the ends of the section that you have secured in place.

  11. Working on the sides, decide how much hair you are wanting to leave out around the front.

  12. Begin to braid your section, moving the position where it is going to sit, bringing it across where the grips are.

  13. Secure this with an elastic and go through teasing out the braid and checking it from all angles.

  14. Secure this in place by running a hair grip through the elastic and along the scalp.

  15. Curl the ends of the braided section you’ve secured.

  16. Working on the other side, decide how much you want to bring back and twist this gently across and secure this by bringing your closed grips through the braid and fetching it through.

  17. Check your shape and tease it out if needed.

  18. Curl the ends of the section you have just secured and curl the remaining hair that is left down around the face, working away from the face on either side.

  19. Open up the curls around the face and if you want the ends of the hair to look looser and more relaxed, use the straighteners to gently tap over the ends.

  20. Gently tease the roots around the face and spray into position.

  1. Make a plan to begin with and work out which areas you will be pinning up, you then know that you aren’t going to curl these sections until it is secured into position.

  2. Alternate the direction of the curl for a more relaxed look.

  3. Open up each curl and fan it out to create volume.

  4. Always check the shape from every angle.

  5. When you curl a piece of hair, always keep it pressed down in your hands straight after to hold the shape.

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