16. Romantic medium height updo



Romantic medium height updo
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Prepping the hair for this style, how to get an “undone” finish, securing padding, grip placement, softening a style with lose strands of hair and knowing how to secure them.

GHD Classic curl, padding, grips, comb

Heat protector spray, smoothing cream, Silhouette spray

  1. Remove any movement/kinks around the root area and add a quick curl through the ends using big sections to get some movement running through.

  2. Through the top area, curl and leave the curl in a barrel position while you do the rest.

  3. Curl the hair away from the face on either side.

  4. Run some smoothing cream through the hair, but leave the curls sat on top of the head.

  5. Depending on where you want the bun to sit, section off an area for that and leave plenty of hair all the way around.

  6. This section now goes into a ponytail.

  7. Use some padding and place this around your ponytail securing it into place with your closed hair grips, until it is nice and secure.

  8. Take the ponytail and twist the hair and wrap it around the outside of the padding, leaving the ends out if you wish. Secure to the padding with your hair grips.

  9. Tease out the hair as you go along and now start to work on the hair on the front that is currently in a pin curled position.

  10. Split this section into two going across and work this back, bringing it into the bun, teasing out the roots slightly.

  11. Place the hair over the bun and secure into place and tease out.

  12. Work the ends of that section through the bun.

  13. Starting on the underneath section, pick out any strands that you want to leave out in the hairline.

  14. Connect this to the bottom of the bun and secure into place, and use the ends to connect this to the bun, leave out some ends as you go along.

  15. Working on the side sections, split these across and bring these into the bun twisting the hair slightly and teasing it out (leave out a section around the front).

  16. Pull your ends through a gap depending on where you want the ends to fall and continue leaving any ends out as you go along.

  17. Keep twisting the sides slightly and bring into the bun, using grips through the bun t overlap certain sections until you are happy with the shape.

  18. Once you’ve worked on the bun and you are happy with the shape, bring in some of the strands that you left out around the front.

  19. Place these strands where you want them to fall, spray and using closed grips, go through a different section and hook the ends around to secure it.

  20. Finish by checking your shape, the hair from the front and that you are happy with the overall finish.

  1. When placing the hair in the ponytail, this is the position where you want your bun to sit, make sure you leave plenty of hair all the way around to work with.

  2. Remember if you need extensions just connect these to the ponytail with an elastic and use padding as shown.

  3. This look is soft and romantic, don’t over work the hair, keep your sections soft and not too tight.

  4. Don’t be shy when teasing out the hair, you want plenty of texture through the whole style.

  5. Make sure you leave out some hair around the front to soften the style at the end.

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