18. Boho updo with ends left out



Boho updo ends left out
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How to create an effortless updo with lots of hair left out, using elastics to secure sections, teasing out the hair, creating a soft braid.

Elastic, grips, fork comb

Hair spray, Silhouette Spray

  1. Start this style on curled hair (See prep for this on previous section – signature style 17) half up half down with twisted detail).

  2. Take the crown area and clip this out of the way.

  3. Take the middle section of the back, leaving out a few strands either side of the hairline if you wish, and place this in a ponytail, not pulling the hair all the way through, so you end up with a loop and the ends left out.

  4. Tease out the ‘looped’ section and secure in place using closed hair grips.

  5. Drop down the crown section and place this to one side of the bun, use an elastic to gather the hair, use a hair grip to run through the elastic and along the scalp.

  6. With these ends, use another elastic to place this into position and secure into place.

  7. Using the hair on the right side, split this across and work on the underneath section first, work the hair back into position and secure with another elastic and run a hair grip through to secure it in place.

  8. Do the same with the left side, leaving the hair out around the face.

  9. Go back to the section you left out, and add a soft braid going to the back.

  10. Tease this out and secure this into position.

  11. Work through the whole hairstyle teasing any sections out that need more volume and making sure you are happy with the finish.

  1. When securing bigger sections in place, use elastics to make it easier and to be able to create more texture.

  2. Don’t over work the hair, this style wants to be really textured and soft, avoid working on sections that are too small, it will end up looking too fussy.

  3. You could also use this technique on straighter hair for a different finish.

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