19. Diagonal twist into side bun



diagonal twist into side bun
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Rope braiding technique to create soft detail, securing the hair in place, grip placement.

GHD Classic curl, fork comb, elastic, grips

Heat Protector spray, Silhouette spray, smoothing cream

  1. Remove any kinks through the root area and add a quick curl through the ends with the GHD Classic curl, just to create a bit of movement.

  2. Work some smoothing cream through, and looking at the front, decide where you want the parting and how much hair you want to leave around the face.

  3. Using zig zag lines, take a small section through the crown area and secure in position using your hair grips, this section should be slightly over to the left.

  4. Working on the left side, bring this back to the same point the crown is secured, keeping your section soft and not too scraped back.

  5. Starting on the rest of the hair, you now want to be bringing this to the left corner, start by leaving out strands around the front first.

  6. Take a section at the top and split this into two, bringing the other section over the top, add another section into the underneath section to create a twist, continue all the way down until you have reached the bottom corner.

  7. Work closed grips into each part of the twisted braid whilst holding the hair in the corner, work your grips through until you are satisfied the section is secure.

  8. Work through with your comb tidying up any sections that need it.

  9. With the remaining hair that is left down, depending on the texture of the hair, tease all the way through to create more texture and volume.

  10. Smooth over this section of hair in the position you want it to sit, don’t include any short strands, deal with these after.

  11. Place an elastic in your section and tuck it under to create a bun in the corner, teasing out some pieces if you wish, use a hair grip through the elastic and run it along the scalp, continue using closed grips to secure the bun in position.

  12. With those shorter strands that are left out, place an elastic around these and tuck them out of the way, securing into place with a grip.

  13. Finish by teasing out any sections, checking your shape and the hair around the face.

  1. You don’t need to over prep the hair for this style, you just want a slight bit of movement running through the ends.

  2. When creating your braid, always rest the hair in the position it belongs in as you go along, holding your hands on the scalp and not away from the head.

  3. Check the overall shape, especially where the bun sits in the hairline, you don’t want a gap.

  4. Don’t place the bun too high up, you want this to be right in the corner.

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