20. Romantic braid with airy texture on long fine hair



Romantic braid airy texture
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Dealing with long fine hair and creating a soft airy finish, securing the hair, elastics and grip placement, hiding elastic bands, prepping the hair.

GHD Classic curl, elastics, grips, fork comb, brush

Silhouette spray, smoothing cream, Volume powder, hair spray

  1. To add a bit of product and texture through the hair, working in sections, use Silhouette spray and add a curl through with the GHD Classic curl.

  2. Work all the way up until you come to the final section at the top, with this curl and leave in a pin curled position at the top of the head.

  3. Curl the hair on the sides away from the face.

  4. Run smoothing cream through the ends (leaving the pin curls on top).

  5. Split the hair into three sections, the back and the sides.

  6. Pick up a section through the crown and secure with an elastic.

  7. Working down the back section, take a piece of hair on either side and tease each section if you need more structure and volume.

  8. Secure the two sections with an elastic band and tease it out for more volume and texture.

  9. Continue doing this all the way down the middle, leaving the ends curled at the bottom.

  10. Drop the pin curled sections down and tease out the roots, let this fall over the braid and in sections, secure into position, covering the elastic bands as you go.

  11. Working on the sides, bring those back, use an elastic when you are working on a big section, to keep it really secure. Decide where you want the ends to fall and make a gap so the ends get pulled through there.

  12. With the ends, decide if you want all the ends left out, or if you want to bring any back in and secure into position.

  13. Repeat on the other side

  1. When splitting the hair into sections to begin with, ensure you leave enough hair around the sides and the top to add detail to your style.

  2. When securing in bigger sections use elastics to keep all the hair gathered and be confident it is secured properly.

  3. Work on covering elastic bands and grips as you go along.

  4. When you pick up a section, always decide if it needs any teasing or product on before you deal with the section.

  5. Check the style from all angles.

  6. Don’t be afraid to make gaps to pull sections through.

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