22. Beachy half up half down bob length



beachy half up half down bob length
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Creating a beachy, undone wave on shorter hair and adding in the crown and soft braided detail.

Babyliss Prima 3000, comb, hair grips

Heat Protector spray, Silhouette spray, medium hold hair spray, volume powder

  1. Working on the bottom section and working up the hair, use heat protector spray and silhouette spray, use the straighteners to create a bend, leaving the ends straight, alternating direction as you go across.

  2. Once the row has been curled, work back to your first curl, and work your comb through the ends and spray into position.

  3. Continue repeating this all the way through the back section.

  4. Working on the hair at the sides, continue using the same technique, but this time working away from the face on either side.

  5. Once all the hair is finished, carefully gather the crown area and twist it into place and secure it into position, teasing out a few areas for more texture.

  6. On the right side of the head, softly braid a section, only adding hair in on one side, tease out the braid and secure this into position.

  7. Take a section on the left, and twist it back, securing it into position by going through the previous braid with a grip.

  8. Finish by teasing out any sections and spraying into position.

  1. For a curlier/bouncier look don’t take the ends out of the straighteners, just continue to glide the straighteners through the ends.

  2. You could use texture spray/powder if you feel the hair is too silky to begin with.

  3. Through the back section alternate direction as you go along.

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