24. High twisted bun on long heavy hair



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A simple bun technique with minimal prep to help deal with long heavy hair, knowing how to create a soft finish, creating a nice bun shape, grip placement, back combing and how to disguise grey strands of hair.

Babyliss Prima 3000, elastics, hair grips, fork comb, teasing brush

Medium hold hair spray, smoothing cream, Silhouette spray, hair colour spray.

  1. Before you prep the hair separate a circular section leaving hair all the way around it.

  2. Secure this section into a ponytail, depending on where you want the bun to sit.

  3. Begin to prep the hair that is left out, depending on how you are wanting to wear this hair. Smooth the roots out with the straighteners and do this all the way around.

  4. Picking up the hair at the front, in the middle, lightly tease the roots if needed.

  5. Attach this section to your ponytail with another elastic and tease it out slightly if you wish.

  6. Work all the way around the ponytail adding in the sections of hair one by one, teasing out each section and perfecting it as you go along, leaving out some strands around the front to soften it if you wish.

  7. Save the bottom section until last, working on the front first.

  8. Working on the ponytail, split this into two, splitting it across.

  9. Working on the under-section of the ponytail first, you could twist braid or wrap your section and wrap the section repeatedly around the ponytail to create a bun shape, using your closed grips to secure it into position.

  10. Tease this out depending on what finish you are wanting.

  11. With the remaining part of the ponytail, keep a small section, the “emergency section” out and with the rest either braid, twist or wrap this section, forming a small circle in the middle of the outer circle you have already created using your closed grip to secure into position.

  12. Working on your emergency section of hair, work some product through, and use this section to break up any areas that need softening, securing the hair into place.

  13. Working on the strands around the face, decide if you want to bring any strands into the hair, spray these with Silhouette spray and bending the roots with the straighteners, bring these strands under neath the bun.

  14. Add a slight bit of movement through the hair that is left around the face.

  15. Finish by checking the hairline for any scalp showing and use a coloured spray or eye shadow to disguise the scalp and to make the hair appear fuller.

  1. For a style like this it doesn’t particularly need to be curled or over prepped, just work on the sections you can see such as the outsides and make sure the ponytail is relatively smooth.

  2. Save plenty of hair around the ponytail so you can create a softer finish by bringing this in afterwards.

  3. Remember the “emergency section” of hair when you do the bun, this will save you if there are certain parts that need breaking up

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