25. Messy boho braid



messy boho braid
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Using elastics to create a messy boho braided look, minimal prep, adding softness to the look, finishing off the crown section, hiding your elastics.

Elastics, comb, hair grips

Wax spray, hair spray, Babyliss Prima 3000

  1. Take a section through the top of the crown and clip this out of the way.

  2. Quickly go over the surface with straighteners.

  3. Pick up a section through the crown, hold this into position and secure with an elastic.

  4. Tease out this part and pull out a few sections for detail.

  5. Take a section from wither side and hold under the previous part.

  6. Secure with an elastic and flip over and tease out, moving the section up by pulling the ends to add texture and to hide the previous elastic.

  7. Continue doing this all the way down until you reach the end of your braid.

  8. Drop down the section above the crown, the one you previously kept out of the way and add a curl through this section using your straighteners.

  9. Decide where you want these to fall and secure into position.

  10. Finish by adding a bend to the hair around the front

  1. This style needs minimum prep, I would just look for a smooth finish to start on, but if you are wanting a really messy look then start with more texture and a less smooth finish.

  2. Save the section at the top of the crown to soften the style at the end.

  3. You can add extensions into this style for an extra finish if you want to.

  4. Really pull out each section and gather the ends and push up, to hide the previous elastic.

  5. Leave out the ends when curling for a messier finish, depending on the type of overall result you are wanting.

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