26. Long mermaid braid on short hair adding extensions


LONG mermaid braid on short hair

long mermaid braid on short hair adding extensions
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Adding extensions in shorter hair, creating a braided effect using elastics, knowing how to hide elastics, grip placement, creating a soft natural finish.

Babyliss Prima 3000, hair extensions, elastics, grips, comb

Heat Protector spray, hair spray, volume powder

  1. Begin by curling the hair with either the straighteners or curlers to add some movement through the hair, working away from the face on either side.

  2. Continue until you have curled all the hair.

  3. Decide where you want the hair parted around the front before you curl the top and the front pieces.

  4. Begin working with the extensions adding them through the back section of the head, adding powder and backcomb through the roots for extra grip.

  5. Once the hair extensions are in, work through the back, secure the top part in an elastic band teasing out as you go, and use a section of hair to go over the elastic.

  6. Working through the length at the back, place elastics to gather the hair depending on what shape you are wanting, covering the elastics as you go along.

  7. Working on the side sections leave out some strands around the face and softly twist the hair back into sections, securing it into place at the back of the head.

  8. Bring in longer strands, through the back and place into position.

  9. Work through teasing out the braid if needed.

  10. Drop the top section down that you had previously clipped and left out, to soften the crown and then secure this into position.

  11. Finish by teasing the hair around the front and spray it into position.
  1. Only place extensions through the back area if you can get away with doing so, as you don’t want them to be visible, especially around the sides.

  2. When covering your elastics be sure to tease the hair you are using out so it flows with the rest of the hairstyle and doesn’t look too neat.

  3. Don’t over work the hair, go with the texture and don’t secure things too tight, although it is secure the idea is you want it to look loose. You want it to look like it is effortless and like it is all held together by nothing but hair magic!

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