27. Quick detailed bun on overwhelmingly long thick hair



quick detailed bun on overwhelmingly long thick hair
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Creating movement and detail in the crown on thick heavy hair, very quickly creating a twisted bun, using elastics, grip placement, creating rope braid detail.

Babyliss Prima 3000, comb, teasing brush, elastics, grips

Hair spray, Way spray

  1. Smooth over the hair with the straighteners to begin with.

  2. Decide how you want the hair to fall around the front.

  3. Working on the crown area, take a narrow zig zagged section and secure with an elastic, twist the section and pull out a few parts out for texture and run a grip through the elastic to secure into position.

  4. Working towards the front, continue taking sections and twist, and secure these to the first elastic.

  5. Once all the crown area and sides are secured into position, go through with your comb to secure out any areas that need it.

  6. Secure the underneath part to the elastic so you now have a ponytail.

  7. Split the ponytail in two, and twist the first section and wrap it around in a circular shape to create the bun and secure it in place.

  8. Finish by checking your shape and teasing out any areas that need breaking up or that need more volume.

  1. This is for those with overly thick hair, to save time.

  2. For each section you pick up you can create whatever shape/twist/braid you like before securing it to the band.

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