28. Swept over waves with side detail



swept over waves with side detail
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Wearing the waves to one side without scraping the hair severely to one side, adding detail, pull through braid, twist wrap curling technique, lifting the fringe.

GHD Classic curl, elastics, comb, hair grips

Smoothing cream, Silhouette spray, Heat protector spray

  1. Working on un-prepped hair begin by saving a small section at the top and a section of hair at the front (of the side that will be taken back) and move this out of the way for now

    -Working behind the ear on the side that is going back, place an elastic in the first few sections of hair, so you can begin your pull through braid, working at a diagonal angle towards the corner.

  2. When you reach the last section, take a piece of hair right in the corner and attach the hair to this with an elastic at the root.

  3. Working on the pull through braid, begin to tease out each section to create a nice angle and to stop it looking scraped over to one side.

  4. Now you want to begin curling the hair, firstly put the hair in the correct parting.

  5. Begin to curl the ends of the braided section, working in small sections, use the twist wrapping technique and curl away from the face.

  6. Work through the whole of the section not teasing out each curl until it has cooled fully.

  7. Curl the rest of the hair using the technique until you reach the top.

  8. Once the hair has cooled, start back on your first sections, combing the bottom of each curl, fanning it out and spraying it in place, working all the way up.

  9. Drop down the top section in the crown that you previously pinned out of the way.

  10. Smooth the roots over and begin to curl these sections using the same technique and making sure you curl the hair away from the face on either side.

  11. Begin opening up these curls to add softness to the crown, pinning this over the braid and attaching it to the braid, covering the elastics as you go along.

  12. Finish by working on the fringe area, creating lift and spraying it into position.

  1. When you start working on the braid at the back, remember to leave out a section at the top and the side so you can add this at the end.

  2. The hair doesn’t need to be curled before you braid, but you want the hair to be smooth at the roots.

  3. Do not curl or straighten the hair before , only curl the hair once the braid is in position.

  4. Tease out the braid to keep a nice angle going across the back.

  5. Don’t tease out the curls until they have cooled.

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