29. Creating a full low ponytail (adding extensions)


creating a full low ponytail

Creating full low ponytail
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Creating a full low ponytail, adding extensions, curling using twist wrapping technique, backcombing.

Hair extensions, comb, GHD Classic curl, Babyliss Prima 3000, sectioning clips, elastics

Hair spray, volume powder, Silhouette spray

  1. Decide how you want the hair to be worn around the face and check the parting.

  2. Working in sections across, clip in your hair extensions, adding volume powder or spray and teasing the roots first.

  3. Keep lifting the hair up into a ponytail position to make sure the hair extensions are falling in a nice position.

  4. Split the hair in two sections across and place the bottom section in a low ponytail.

  5. Start to curl the ponytail using the twist wrapping technique, working away from the face on wither side (use small sections and backcomb the roots and open up each curl, spraying as you go along, work through the whole ponytail.

  6. Drop the top section down and smooth out the roots, not touching the ends.

  7. Deciding on where you want the hair to come back from, start to backcomb/tease the roots to add more fullness, creating your shape with each section as you go along.

  8. Go through and smooth out the crown area, and secure your section temporarily with sectioning clips while you attach both sections together using elastics, remove the clips once this is done.

  9. Tease out the crown area if needed, depending on how much volume and texture you are wanting.

  10. Begin to curl the rest of the ponytail using the same technique.

  11. Decide how much hair you want to leave around the face, using the hair on one side, temporarily place this into the ponytail using a pin.

  12. With the other side wrap the hair around the ponytail securing this in place.

  13. Curl the remaining strands of hair and go through with your fork comb until you are happy with the finish.

  14. Finish by curling the hair around the face and teasing the roots slightly.

  1. Don’t place the hair extensions too high up the head.

  2. When using the twist wrapping curling technique work away from the face on either side.

  3. Don’t curl the hair until it is placed in a ponytail.

  4. Take small sections when backcombing the roots of the ponytail, and push your comb right down at the roots using plenty of tension.

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