30. Voluminous low bridal bun with airy texture


voluminous low bridal bun with airy texture

voluminous low bridal bun with airy texture
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Using a knotted technique to create a romantic bun, bringing in strands of hair for a softer finish, grip placement, using elastic bands, securing padding.

GHD Classic curl, padding, elastics, grips, comb

Hair spray, Silhouette spray, smoothing cream

  1. Start on hair that has movement running through the ends, the roots are smooth, and pin the top section out of the way in a pin curled position so you can deal with it later.

  2. Pick up a section you would like to use through the crown, using a zig zag line, once happy with your section pint this out of the way for now.

  3. Leaving out a small section around the sides, gather the remaining hair into a low ponytail.

  4. Once the ponytail is secure, tease out the edges to soften.

  5. Drop the crown section down and connect this to your ponytail using another elastic band.

  6. Place some padding around the ponytail and secure this in place using closed hair grips.

  7. Working on the ponytail, take roughly a quarter of it, twist into place and place this over the padding to cover the outer part. Leave out the ends if you wish and use your closed grips to attach this piece to the padding.

  8. Open out the twist and tease out to add fullness.

  9. Take another section of the ponytail, twist and create a knot, leaving the ends out and secure this to the padding, teasing out as you go along.

  10. Continue picking up sections and creating a loop and pulling the ends through to create a knot effect securing the hair into place and teasing it out.

  11. Continue until you have worked on the whole ponytail.

  12. Drop down the pin curled section of hair, placing the hair over the crown and place each strand where you want it to go and secure into place, by bringing your closed grip through a different section and by bringing it back around.

  13. Working on the hair around the sides add this in, placing around the sides of the bun and securing into place by working your closed grips through the bun.

  14. Finish by teasing any parts out that need breaking up, checking your shape and teasing out the hair around the face.

  1. For this kind of style you just want a smooth root and a bit of movement running through the ends.

  2. Remember to leave the top in a pin curled position, that you can bring in later on to soften the crown.

  3. If you wanted to use extensions, you could attach these to your ponytail with an elastic and place the padding around as shown, this would cover the join of the extensions and you would carry on as normal.

  4. Don’t over work the hair, you want the style to look soft and effortless.

  5. Don’t leave much around the sides, just enough to create a soft finish at the end.

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