31. Big romantic high updo



Big romantic high updo
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Achieving a high romantic look using twists to create texture, securing padding, grip placement, softening a style.

GHD Classic curl, padding, elastics, hair grips, comb, teasing brush

Silhouette Spray, hairspray, smoothing cream

  1. Firstly, section the front part of the hair out of the way, this will be added in later.

  2. Separating the rest of the hair in 2 sections, create a diagonal zig zag to split the back so you can place the hair in a ponytail either side, leave out a section of hair around the sides to bring in later.

  3. Once the ponytails are in position, soften the outsides to add texture.

  4. Working on the front part you previously sectioned out of the way, curl this and leave it in a pin curled position on top of the head.

  5. Place some padding so it sits between each ponytail, use as much or as little padding as you wish, securing this into place with closed hair grips.

  6. Take a section from one of the ponytails, create a twist and place this over the top of your padding, place an elastic where you want this to sit and go through the elastic with a grip, also sneak some grips through the twist to attach them to the padding.

  7. Repeat this on the other side placing the twist underneath the previous section, go through teasing out your twist as you go along.

  8. Repeat this on each side, working across the padding creating twists, alternating sides every time, leaving some ends out as you go along if that is the look you are wanting.

  9. Let the curls you left in the pin curled position fall down, tease out the roots slightly and place these in position.

  10. Work all the way round adding the strands around the edges bringing this into the underneath of the bun to create a soft finish.

  11. Once you’ve added in the sides, check the shape of your bun and decide how much hair you want to leave out and pin the rest out of the way.

  12. Finish by teasing out the bun if needed, until you are happy with the finish.

  1. When placing the hair into ponytails, leave plenty of hair out around this, so you can add this in later to soften the look.

  2. Be careful not to over twist each section, you want it to look lose and effortless and not too tight.

  3. If you want a smoother polished finish, work smoothing cream on each section before you twist.

  4. If you need to add hair extensions first, you will attach the hair extensions to the ponytails with elastics, and then place your padding.

  5. This look can be done as high or as low as you want it, you will just bring the ponytail and padding lower.

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