11. Boho knot

The Bun

Boho Knot


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A quick way of achieving a knotted look on long hair with minimal prep.

Elastics, grips

Smoothing cream

  1. Starting on straight hair (no need to curl).

  2. Start with hair in a low ponytail.

  3. Bring the hair over to the left and place in an elastic further down.

  4. Flip this over to the right and make a hole through your section and pull the ends through, keeping hold of the elastic.

  5. Tease the hair to create a softer, more undone look.

  6. Wrap the ends around the back of that section and hold while you grip it into place.

  7. Go through using closed hair grips to secure the bun in place.

  8. Smooth over any areas with your fork comb and tease out.

  1. If in doubt as to where to place your elastic, always go higher as it is easier to move the elastic further down, than it is to move it higher up.

  2. Don’t be scared to tease the hair out.

  3. Check the shape is even, make sure there isn’t a gap where the bun sits on the hairline

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