10. Braided bun




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Creating a braided bun on long heavy hair, securing in padding, hiding grips

Padding, elastics, grips, teasing brush, comb

Smoothing cream

  1. Working on straight smooth hair, with the crown section already secured in place.

  2. Place a low ponytail and move the ponytail over to the left, secure padding over the bobble so the ponytail stays over to the left side.

  3. Begin to braid the hair over the top, only adding hair into the one side of the braid, secure with an elastic where you reach the end of the padding or the point of where you want the bun to finish.

  4. Tuck the ends under and temporarily place pins to keep the bun in place while you tease it out.

  5. Once teased use hair grips to secure into place and remove pins

  1. Make sure the padding is properly secured with the ponytail sitting to the left of the padding.

  2. When braiding, make sure the braid rests on top of the padding.

  3. Once secure, check the shape and use the grips to close a gap between the bun and the hairline and to cover any padding that is showing


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Braided bun on fine hair and a quick way of adding extensions, securing padding into place.

Padding, elastics, grips, extensions

Medium hold hair spray

  1. Starting on straight hair in a low ponytail, you can create any look with the crown area beforehand.

  2. Take your extensions and fold at the top so it is compact, attach the extensions to the ponytail by using an elastic.

  3. Place padding over the extensions, moving the ponytail over to the left so the padding keeps it in that position.

  4. Braid the hair over the padding, only adding hair on one side.

  5. Place the hair in an elastic once you’ve reached the end of where your bun will sit.

  6. Pin the hair temporarily with pins while you tease and then tuck the ends under the braid.

  7. Finish by using your grips to close the gap between the bun and the hairline and to cover any padding.

  8. Soften with your fork comb and spray any flyaways

  1. Make sure you gather the extensions together as tight as possible before attaching them with an elastic.

  2. When placing the padding ensure the ponytail stays over to the left.

  3. Check the overall shape.

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