08. Braiding the crown area

Crown area

Braiding the crown area


Braiding the crown area
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Creating a soft fishtail braid and teasing it out, knowing how to cover elastics with the hair.

Comb, hair elastics, hair pin

Medium hold hair spray, volume powder

  1. Work on straighter hair, apply volume powder if needed.

  2. Decide where you want to start from and check you are happy with that position from the front.

  3. Take your first section from the top and split it into two, crossing one section over the other, then working from side to side adding hair into the middle.

  4. Work all the way down and secure into place using elastics.

  5. Work through each section and gently pull some sections out gently to create some texture.

  6. If you want to finish with a ponytail, wrap an elastic around the remaining hair to create a ponytail.

  7. Use volume powder if needed and backcomb/tease if you want more volume.

  8. To cover the elastic band take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic, use a pin to push under the elastic and place the small section of hair through the pin and pull through so this strand of hair becomes part of the ponytail.


french braid crown into braided bun
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Creating a soft French braid through the crown followed by a 2 minute braided bun, knowing how to tease out the hair and knowing how to close the gap between the bun and the hairline.

Hair elastics, grips, comb

Medium hold hairspray/volume powder

  1. Working on straighter hair, apply volume powder if needed.

  2. Decide on where you want the braid to start from and what parts you want to be left out around the face.

  3. Take a section from the front (not too far forward) and begin to braid the hair, adding sections from either side, taking medium to thick sections and keeping it soft by taking these sections on a diagonal angle downwards rather than straight across.

  4. Once the crown area is braided secure with elastics.

  5. Tease out the braid, leaving gaps in between to create some texture.

  6. To create a simple braided bun, gather the rest of the hair into one elastic and loosely braid the ponytail, securing with an elastic on the ends.

  7. Twist and place the hair into a bun position and place your closed hair grips through the bun to secure into place without being able to see any grips.

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