02. Creating a classic shape with soft detail through the crown

Crown area

Creating a classic Shape with soft detail through the Crown


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Working on fine hair creating volume, how to use crimpers to create volume, in depth back combing/teasing at the roots to get a nice shape with a neat finish.
GHD Crimpers, GHD Classic Curl, Babyliss Prima 3000
Schwarzkopf Silhouette pump spray, Osis Texture craft spray, Osis Flatliner, Got2be Happy Hour hairspray
  1. Apply texture spray through the roots, spray heat protector spray through.

  2. Using the point of your brush, make a zig zag line approximately from ear to ear, depending on where you decide to bring the hair back from.

  3. Once happy with your section, take a small area from the top.

  4. With this section, work silhouette spray through and curl with GHD Classic curl, leave the curl in a pin curled position sat on top of the head.

  5. Working on the rest of the crown area, begin to crimp the hair using quick movements all the way down to avoid leaving marks in the hair.

  6. Back comb/tease the roots to create volume, spraying the roots with a hair spray or powder beforehand to help.

  7. Once back combed/teased use comb to create a smooth finish and secure the crown area in two separate sections to get a nice shape, gripping it in place.

  8. Let the curls fall down, and add these over the top to add detail, using products to define these sections and tease out with a comb or your fingers to soften if needed.

  9. Working on the hair around the front, leave out the hair around the hairline, and crimp/back comb if needed to get the finish you are wanting, and bring the sides around the back and secure in the middle making sure you keep it soft and not scraped back.

  10. Finish by working your comb through to get a clean polished finish.
  1. Only do what is necessary, crimp the hair if needed, but first see if back combing/teasing is enough.

  2. When back combing/teasing hold the hair out from the head at 90 degrees using plenty of tension and really push the comb down right to the root.

  3. Use spray or powder before back combing, don’t spray hair spray too close to the hair, this will make it sticky.

  4. Keep checking the overall shape from all angles


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A quick way of securing the crown area on thick heavy hair and creating more detail whilst hiding grips
Babyliss Prima 3000 straighteners

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Pump spray

  1. Start when the hair has been smoothed out to create this look, you could also however create this on textured or curly hair, just follow the same method.

  2. Using the point of your brush, make a zig zag section from roughly ear to ear depending on where you want to wear the hair back from, and pick up your crown section, separate a small section from the top out of the way.

  3. Secure the rest by securing an elastic band around the section, securing in place with a hair grip running along the back of your section to keep the shape as you want it.

  4. Use finger and thumbs to widen the section if needed, to get a rounder/softer shape.

  5. Using the section of hair you previously sectioned out of the way, bring these into the crown area, making gaps and weaving the hair through to create detail, bending the hair first with the straighteners to get lift at the root.

  6. Tease out the crown area until you are happy with the finish.
  1. This techniques can be used on smooth hair/curly/wavey just follow the same method and you will be able to achieve different results.

  2. Always zig zag your section.

  3. Don’t secure the crown area too high.

  4. Don’t open the hair grips when securing the finishing touches, you need to sneak the hair grip through the hair on top, to work on the hair underneath, this way the grips will be hidden.

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