12. Creating a simple twisted bun




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Creating a twisted bun, securing padding into place, hiding grips

Elastics, pins, grips, fork comb, padding

Smoothing cream, medium hold hairspray, Silhouette spray

  1. Start on pre curled hair so the hair has a little bit of movement through the ends. You would have already secured the crown area first.

  2. Gather the hair into a low ponytail.

  3. Place a small amount of padding above your ponytail, securing in place with closed grips.

  4. Split the ponytail into 3 sections and start with the section on the left, work powder or hairspray through and back comb.

  5. Smooth out around the edges, leaving the backcomb in the middle and use some smoothing cream if needed.

  6. Place this at the top of the padding and secure temporarily with hair pins whilst you tease out the hair.

  7. Take another section and tease through again, smooth over leaving the back comb in the middle.

  8. Twist and place in position, again temporarily pinning in place while you tease out the section.

  9. Repeat with the last section, using pins to keep in place.

  10. Once you are happy with your shape, go through with closed hair grips to secure the bun into position.

  11. Gather all the strands left out into an elastic, so you can now tuck that under and grip into place.

  12. Take your pins out and place in any grips as needed

  1. You only need movement running through the hair for the bun, no need for a tight curl. Curl using silhouette spray beforehand to stop the hair feeling too soft.

  2. When you backcomb each section, make sure you only smooth out the hair on the outside of the section, leaving the backcomb in the middle.

  3. Leave your grips closed and work them through the hair so they aren’t visible


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Dealing with thick heavy hair, using hair as padding, hiding grips

GHD Classic curl, fork comb, grips, elastics

Heat protector, medium hold hair spray, smoothing cream, wax spray

  1. With the crown area already secured in place, put a slight curl through the ends and run smoothing cream through if needed.

  2. Gather the hair into a ponytail, leaving out any strands around the hair line that you chose to leave out.

  3. Split the ponytail and use the majority to wrap around to create a bun shape, this will work as your padding.

  4. Use closed grips to secure this in place, always working through the hair that is visible on top.

  5. With the remaining part of the ponytail, working in sections, spray and backcomb to create structure.

  6. Smooth out and use smoothing cream and place over the bun and pin temporarily in place.

  7. Do the same for all the remaining hair from the ponytail.

  8. Replace pins with hair grips to secure in place.

  1. When using most of the ponytail to quickly twist away, make sure you leave enough out to add to the bun.

  2. Don’t open up the hair grips, you don’t want any grips to be visible.

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