06. Creating a smooth crown area with volume

Crown area



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Creating Volume on fine hair, using crimpers to add volume, backcombing/teasing.

GHD crimpers, comb, grips

Heat protector spray, medium hold hairspray, volume powder

  1. Working on smooth hair, create a zig zag line approximately from ear to ear and pick up the section you want to work on, and check you are happy with the position of this from the front.

  2. Move the rest of the hair to one side out of the way.

  3. Work heat protector spray through the hair.

  4. Start from the bottom of the crown and work the crimpers through the crown area until you reach the top.

  5. Begin backcombing each section starting at the bottom section, fanning each section out as you go.

  6. Split the section down the middle and work on one section at a time, twist the very bottom so you have a flat surface to run your hair grip across.

  7. Use hair spray and adjust the shape with your fork comb if needed.

  8. Working on the other half twist the bottom again (towards the middle) and secure with a hair grip.

  9. Soften the shape if needed and spray any fly-aways, and smooth any untidy areas with a fork comb.

  1. When crimping, do not open and close the crimpers to create lines, instead use small movements and lots of them to eliminate lines in the hair.

  2. Only crimp if you feel it is necessary, try teasing a section first to check this.

  3. Keep the section soft and rounded and not too tight looking.

  4. Do not secure the crown too high up the head, I usually secure around the occipital bone, or on level with the middle of the ears.


Creating a smooth crown area with volume thick
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Creating volume on heavy hair, backcombing/teasing technique.

Babyliss Prima 3000, comb, teasing brush, elastic band, hair grip

Heat protector, medium hold hair spray

  1. Working on Smooth hair, take a zig zag part and pick up the crown area, smooth all the area out with the straighteners, bending the hair at the roots.

  2. Start to backcomb/tease the roots starting at the bottom section, fanning each section out to create a rounded shape as you go.

  3. Work your way up to the top, and on the last section gently skim your comb over to smooth so the hair is falling as you want it to.

  4. Wrap an elastic around your section to gather the hair, once your section is sat where you want it to go, run a 2 inch hair grip along the scalp, just using a bit of hair at the back, this will keep it in position.

  1. Don’t take a section too big and heavy through the crown.

  2. Take the bottom of your section into a point to help it sit closer to the scalp and stop it sticking out of the sides.

  3. When wrapping your elastic around the hair, keep your fingers tight so as not to disturb the smooth finish you have created.

  4. If in doubt where to put your elastic, always go too high up, its easier to move the band further down if needed, you cant move it higher up as it will make it messy.


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Controlling the frizz and creating a smooth finish, creating volume with backcomb/teasing.

Hairdryer, round brush

Serum, smoothing cream, wax spray

  1. Work serum through and spray with water just so the hair is slightly damp.

  2. Blowdry the hair with a round brush to work the serum into the hair and to stretch out the curl and smooth the frizz.

  3. Smooth the hair over with the straighteners, bending at the root so you don’t flatten the hair.

  4. Create a zig zag parting and check you are happy with the position from the front.

  5. Once you’ve picked up your section backcomb the hair working from the bottom to the top, fanning out each section as you go, to create a nice shape.

  6. To secure in place split it down the middle and work on one side at a time, twisting the very bottom towards the middle so you have a flat surface to run your hair grip across.

  7. Once both sides are secured, smooth the section over with your fork comb and spray with hair spray or wax spray to get rid of any fly aways.

  1. When dealing with coarse hair, really press the product into the hair, rather than just running your fingers through.

  2. Use lots of tension when using the hairdryer and straighteners to smooth out the hair from the roots

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