09. Chignon




Chignon thick
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Creating a chignon on long heavy hair, knowing where to put all those ends.

Bobble/hair tie, grips padding, sectioning clips

Medium hold hair spray/volume powder

  1. Start with a low ponytail.

  2. Hold the ponytail up and secure in place by using 2 grips attached to a bobble.

  3. Place come padding underneath and secure in place with hair grips, making sure not to secure the underneath (this is a pocket to hide these ends).

  4. Drop the hair over and back comb to create more structure.

  5. Place the hair where you want the chignon to sit, smooth over and secure with an elastic, then braid the ends so they are really tight.

  6. Tuck the braid under he padding and secure in place.

  7. Work grips all the way across to attach the hair to the padding and check it is secure

  1. When securing the padding don’t grip the bottom part, this is a pocket to hide the ends underneath.

  2. Where you decide to place the bobble with 2 grips across, this is the point where you want the chignon to start from, so make sure you check the position first.

  3. When securing with hair grips, don’t open them, sneak them past the hair that is visible and use the hair underneath to secure it.


Chignon fine hair
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Creating a chignon on fine hair, securing padding, hiding grips

Grips, elastics, teasing brush

Hairspray, volume powder

  1. Pre crimp the ends to create texture.

  2. Place the hair in a low ponytail with elastics rather than a bobble. This will stop the ponytail sticking out too much with the hair being fine.

  3. Lift the hair up and secure this by using 2 grips attached to a bobble.

  4. Once secured, place some padding underneath and secure all the way around, other than the bottom because the ends will go underneath.

  5. Drop the hair over the padding and using small sections work volume powder or hair spray through and backcomb to get a more solid shape.

  6. Work all the way through and smooth and fan over the padding, spraying in place.

  7. Place an elastic where you want the bottom of the chignon to be, leaving a bit of extra room for you to tuck it underneath.

  8. Tuck it under the padding and run a grip through the elastic to make sure it is secure.

  9. Go through using hair grips to attach the hair to the padding and check your shape.

  10. Finish by using your fork comb to soften and spray into place

  1. Don’t secure the bottom of the padding with grips, this is your pocket to hide the hair.

  2. Don’t open your hair grips, and don’t use the hair that is visible on top when attaching the hair to the padding, instead use the backcombed hair underneath by sneaking your closed grip through.

  3. Check your shape from all angles.

  4. Use plenty of backcomb to create a solid shape for the chignon.

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