01. Creating a soft curl/movement in the crown area

Crown area

Creating a soft curl/movement in the crown area


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How to curl fine hair with straighteners to create lift, how to secure the crown area, placing hair extensions in crown to add colour dimension.

GHD Classic curl, Babyliss Prima 300

Osis Flatliner, Schwarzkopf, Silhouette spray

  1. Decide on where you want the hair to fall and where to part around the face.

  2. Prepping the hair underneath to create movement (using heat protector spray) and curling with GHD classic curl.

  3. I added some hair extensions on the crown area to add more colour. To do this backcomb the roots and then attach hair.

  4. When I reached the crown I switched to using my Babyliss Prima 3000 straighteners to get a different texture/alternating directions (use silhouette spray before).

  5. Go back through each section and open curls with a comb and silhouette spray to create shape.

  6. Work all the way through hair/curling away from the face around the front.

  7. Once all the hair is curled, work on small sections carefully twisting and gripping into place. Start with the middle section, then bring the sides into the middle also.

  8. Finish by softening the hair with your comb.

  1. Use Straighteners to create the bend and shape around the crown area to add more volume.

  2. Open up each curl as you go and use spray.

  3. Be mindful of where you place each curl, break up any dark areas with lighter pieces if these are highlights.

  4. Don’t disturb the curl too much when securing into place


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Creating texture with minimal prep, dealing with a lot of hair quickly.

GHD Classic curl tongs

Tame Wild, Schwarzkopf Silhouette Spray

  1. Decide how you want to wear the front, where you want the crown to come back from.

  2. Once decided, leave out a section at the top of the crown and clip to one side while you deal with the rest.

  3. Take the middle section of the crown, split it into 2 and twist it gently to create movement, twist the bottom and place a grip going up into the twist to secure.

  4. Work on either side doing the same, twisting towards the middle, leaving some strands around the face.

  5. Open up each twist to create texture and to soften.

  6. Let down the section you previously out to one side, and bring this into your twists to soften it, opening up each curl and securing it in place until finished.

  7. To create the bun, place the curls from this section to one side, secure the bun in place and add this hair over the bun
  1. Leave out a section at the top of the crown to soften the twists.

  2. Secure the twists where the bun will be placed, do not secure this section too high, otherwise you will get a gap if the bun doesn’t sit here.

  3. Before twisting, place hands where you will be securing in place and don’t twist too tight.

  4. Tease out the twists gently to soften the look

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