14. Elegant classic bun



elegant classic bun
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Placing padding, creating an elegant bun by creating twists.

Hair straighteners, fork comb, elastic, hair pins, hair grips, hair padding

Smoothing cream, hairspray

  1. Starting with the crown area already secured into position.

  2. Place the hair into a low ponytail using elastics, leaving out a few strands either side of the hairline if you wish.

  3. Place a small amount of padding above the ponytail and secure into position.

  4. Take a section of the ponytail, add smoothing cream and twist the section.

  5. Place the twist around the padding and temporarily secure into position using hair pins.

  6. Continue taking sections and twisting them, and securing with hair pins until you are happy with your shape.

  7. Once you are happy with your shape, start to secure the bun into position by replacing your hair pins with closed hair grips until the bun is nice and secure.

  8. With the ends that are left out, gather these together and attach them together with an elastic.

  9. Tuck the elastic underneath the bun and secure into place by running a hair grip through the elastic and across the scalp.

  10. Tease out any sections that look too set and go through with your fork comb, to tidy up any areas that need it.

  11. Finish by adding some movement to the hair around the face and spray in place.

No need to curl the ponytail, you just want the hair to be smooth, do not open up your hair grips, check the overall shape and don’t leave any gaps.

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