05. Faux braid through the crown

Crown area



Faux braid through the crown with thick hair
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Creating a faux braid through the crown area, this will give more volume and detail than a normal braid.

Elastics, teasing brush, comb, 2 inch hair grips

Medium hold hair spray, volume powder

  1. Start on smooth hair rather than curling, you can apply texture spray or powder beforehand if it is too soft.

  2. Decide what you want to leave out around the front.

  3. Split the hair down the middle in a zig zag, take more hair on one side at the very front, to avoid a parting on the first section.

  4. Backcomb/tease the hair first if you want more volume.

  5. Starting on one side, pick up a section from the top and split into two, place one section over the other, bringing it away from the face.

  6. Add a piece of hair and connect this to the bottom piece of hair, and again place this section over the top.

  7. Continue until you reach the point where you want the bun to sit and place this in an elastic right at the root.

  8. Do the same on the other side and connect this to the same elastic.

  9. If there is a gap in between, use 2 inch grips and use these to move the position of the hair.

  10. Once secured and the gap is closed, work through teasing out sections with your fork comb to create more volume and texture.
  1. When picking up a new section of hair, ensure you keep the line broken up to avoid any partings and scalp showing.

  2. Backcomb each section for more volume.

  3. When working on each side, position your hands so you are covering the parting you created down the middle.

  4. The faux braid can be as narrow or as wide as you like it, and you can add as many or as little sections as you like to create a different look, you could also start this from the crown rather than the front

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