04. Simple undone bun to one side



Simple undone bun to one side
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Creating a simple relaxed bun, teasing out the crown area, using elastics to create a nice bun shape, adding hair accessories.

Babyliss Prima 3000, GHD Classic curl, grips, elastic bands, fork comb

Osis texture craft, Heat protector spray, Silhouette spray, smoothing cream, volume powder

  1. Apply texture spray through if needed so the hair isn’t too silky, use heat protector spray and smooth out the roots with the straighteners.

  2. Taking big sections add a quick curl through the ends with the curlers to add movement through.

  3. Work some smoothing cream through the ends.

  4. Starting with the crown area, using your teasing brush draw a zig zag from roughly ear to ear, creating a section that goes into a point underneath.

  5. Check the section falls nice from the front and section this out of the way for now.

  6. Zig zag the hair behind the ears and with the back section and with the back section, place this hair into a ponytail slightly over to one side.

  7. Drop the top section down and connect it to the ponytail with another elastic.

  8. Pinching a few sections and pulling out slightly, this will create some soft texture running through the crown. Spray to define these sections.

  9. Working on the sides, slightly tease out the roots and bring the section back, again secure this to the ponytail with another elastic.

  10. Split the ponytail in half and twist it, and put an elastic in, on the point where it is going to sit.

  11. Place your twisted section into the position where you are wanting it to sit and make a gap through the twist, pulling the ends through whilst keeping hold of the elastic.

  12. Tease out this twisted section and then run a 2.5 inch hair grip through the elastic and across the scalp.

  13. Secure the twisted section in place by securing with closed hair grips.

  14. Using the ends that you pulled through the twisted section, leave out some strands if you wish, twist this and place an elastic to secure into place wherever you want this to sit.

  15. Continue with the rest of the hair until all the hair is in position and has been secured and teased out.

  16. Work though softening the bun and crown and bring in the sides, securing into place.

  17. Finish by curling the hair around the face and spray to set into position.

  1. When picking up a section, always ask yourself if it needs any teasing or product before you carry on.

  2. If in doubt where to secure your elastic, always go higher up than you need, as it’s much easier to move the elastic further down than to move it higher up.

  3. When you are securing an elastic and don’t want to use the ends, then gather the ends and wrap them up in your elastic so that once you grip in place your ends will be tucked out of the way

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