08. Hollywood waves with left parting



Hollywood waves left parting
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Creating a Hollywood Wave from a left parting, creating a nice shape, how to curl using the twist wrapping technique, framing the face, adding lift at the roots.

GHD Classic curl, Babyliss Prima 3000, comb, sectioning clips

Silhouette spray, Heat protector spray

  1. Put your parting in position and put the hair in position, deciding how much hair will be coming over the shoulder, this way you can work the hair in two completely different sections, so you dot get an awkward join where the curls meet at the back.

  2. Starting on the left section, work across horizontally, curling each section using the twist wrapping technique until you have completed the first row.

  3. Starting back from your firs curl, use your comb on the ends to open out each curl to create your shape.

  4. Continue working your way up the head curling from the root and dressing out your curls slightly when you have completed each row.

  5. Once you are satisfied with the position of where the waves start, you are then going to use this as a guide for the rest of the hair, starting to curl from this  point, smoothing out the roots first if needed.

  6. Continue until you finish the whole of the left section and tuck the hair behind the ears as you go along.

  7. Starting on the right section, work across curling the hair with the twisting technique, but instead, working away from the face.

  8. Work your way up this section, making sure the ends slot nicely into place, apply volume powder to the root and tease if you wish.

  9. Again, once you are satisfied with the position of where the wave starts round the front, use this as a guide for the sections that follow, until you reach the top.

  10. Begin to comb through the area around the front and spray into position once you are happy with the shape.

  1. Always curl away from the face.

  2. Don’t be shy with product.

  3. Remember to go through the hair gently with your comb to create a perfect finish.

  4. Remember to twist the hair as you curl.

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