07. Hollywood waves with right parting



Hollywood waves with right parting
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Hollywood waves from start to finish, how to do the twist wrapping curling techniques for the perfect curl.

GHD Classic curl,Babyliss Prima 3000, sectioning clips, One roller, comb

Silhouette spray, Heat protector spray, Strong Hold spray, Volume powder

  1. Decide on how your client wants to wear it around the front and take a parting to the side.

  2. Put the fringe area in a roller to move this out of the way while you concentrate on the rest of the hair.

  3. Working in horizontal sections, take your first section, starting from the left begin to curl using the twisting technique, working all the way across to complete the row.

  4. Once you have curled the first row, go back to your first curl and gently comb the ends and fan out the curl to create more width and the curls will slot into place. Spray them in position.

  5. Take your next section all the way across and repeat, but this time slot the ends into place using your previous section to support them.

  6. Again once curled, go back to your first curl and comb out the bottom of the curl, fan out and spray into position, tuck the right side behind the ear as you go along, if that is how they are wearing it.

  7. Continue on each section working across and once you are happy with where your waves are starting from, you now want to start matching them up.

  8. Straighten out the roots to where the waves start and then start curling from this point.

  9. Continue until you have worked all the way through, and the full head is done other than the fringe.

  10. Go through, using your comb and spray, running over to really perfect the wave until you are happy with the finish.

  11. Decide how much hair you want to bring over the shoulder, and carefully split this and put it into position, again polishing up your shape as you go.

  12. Work on the hair around the front and comb and spray into position.

  13. Take the fringe out of the roller and curl away from the face with the straighteners.

  14. Apply volume powder, tease out the roots, comb out the curl and place it into position.

  15. Finish by checking your shape and using your comb and spray to get a perfect finish.

  1. Once you are happy with the position of where your wave begins, only then start to match up sections to this, until then, just keep curling from the roots and match the ends together.

  2. Make sure you practice the twisting technique and twist the hair at the same pint every time.

  3. Use plenty of tension with each section.

  4. Place the hair behind the ear as you go along so you can see the position of the wave and that is sitting in place.

  5. Once you have curled a section, hold the curl in your hand immediately and press down so it can cool and set in this position.

  6. Use plenty of product before and after curling, to really hold the curl

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