13. Loose romantic bun



hannah taylor loose romantic bun
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Creating a more romantic bun with the ends left out on long heavy hair, grip placement and adding a soft finish to the style

GHD classic curl, elastic, hair grips, fork comb

Smoothing cream, hairspray

  1. Starting with the crown area secured into position, with a small area left out above the crown and around the sides.

  2. Working on the back, secure this in a low ponytail leaving out the hair on either side.

  3. Braid the ponytail all the way to the ends and wrap the braid into a bun shape, securing into position using hair grips.

  4. Working on the hair you previously left out, add a curl through these sections, curling away from the face.

  5. Starting on the section above the crown, apply product if needed and tease the roots slightly, and place the hair over the bun and secure into position.

  6. Continue to do this on all the hair that you have curled, adding them over the braided bun until you are happy with your shape, leaving some ends out as you go along.

  7. Finish by teasing out the hair around the face and spraying into position.

On heavy hair don’t waste time curling all the hair, only curl the sections left out, check the overall shape of the bun and be sure to take a step back so you can see it clearer.

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