03. Relaxed Crown Area with Minimal Height

Crown area

Relaxed Crown Area with Minimal Height


relaxed crown area with minimal height
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Creating texture quickly to achieve a soft detailed crown that isn’t too perfect. Ideal for those not wanting too much height

Babyliss Prima 3000

Any medium hold hairspray or wax spray depending on hair type

  1. Decide on where you want the hair to fall and where to part around the face.

  2. Prepping the hair underneath to create movement (using heat protector spray) and curling with GHD classic curl.

  3. I added some hair extensions on the crown area to add more colour. To do this backcomb the roots and then attach hair.

  4. When I reached the crown I switched to using my Babyliss Prima 3000 straighteners to get a different texture/alternating directions (use silhouette spray before).

  5. Go back through each section and open curls with a comb and silhouette spray to create shape.

  6. Work all the way through hair/curling away from the face around the front.

  7. Once all the hair is curled, work on small sections carefully twisting and gripping into place. Start with the middle section, then bring the sides into the middle also.

  8. Finish by softening the hair with your comb.
  1. Always check the hair from all angles.

  2. When teasing out sections hold the elastic with one hand and tease the hair with the other hand.

  3. Pull sections out towards you, and don’t pull the sections upwards (this will create frizz).

  4. Leave a good gap between each section that you tease out to create more detail.

  5. Be mindful of where you place each curl, break up any dark areas with lighter pieces if these are highlights.

  6. Don’t disturb the curl too much when securing into place.
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