IN person workshops

join me at my academy in sheffield for an inspiring training day

I recently attended Hannah’s bridal hair workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've followed her amazing creations on social media for a while. The training was filled with knowledge and practical hands-on experience, guided by Hannah. Highly recommend her workshops for upskilling!
Kelly Robson Bridal

"When I saw Hannah's masterclass, I knew I had to book! After a work rut, it reignited my passion. I left full of ideas and knowledge, with a perfect mix of learning and practice. Hannah's openness about her business is refreshing. Thank you, Hannah, for inspiring us all! You're amazing!"
Elly Start

"Hannah is amazing! I joined her full day's training and learned so much. She broke down complex hairstyles into simple steps. The styles were exceptional, and she's so chill and friendly. I traveled 6 hours round trip, and it was worth it. Highly recommend Hannah!"
Emma Kelly

Learn in person

Come to my training academy in Sheffield and take part in a full day of learning!

Watch me demonstrate on live models, showing you how I create Insta-worthy looks your brides will ask you for. I teach in a very relaxed yet informative style, so you can follow along easily whilst being able to record, take notes and ask me anything you want. Groups are a max of 10 people, so you’ll have plenty of 1-2-1 time.

I will show you how to create different textures, styles and help you manage those common struggles such as:

-breaking down a hairstyle

-securing a style properly

-creating a beautiful frizz free finish

-hiding grips and everything else there is to know

"I did a hair-up course with Hannah on Sunday, she made the experience very comfortable from the moment I walked in. The course itself was brilliant, she taught me multiple different looks and ways to make things easier and quicker for myself. She went above and beyond to give us as much knowledge as possible in the time we had! The salon was bright and clean. We were also offered plenty of refreshments."
Sophie Styles Hair

"Joining Hannah’s online education was a pivotal career decision and an excellent investment. Her clear, step-by-step tutorials offer a variety of styles and are easy to revisit. The members' community and Hannah’s personal support have been invaluable to my business. Her responsiveness and the additional workshop I attended have greatly enriched my experience. "

"I recently attended one of Hannah’s Workshops and it did not disappoint. I've been doing bridal hair for 15 years and learned new styles and many tips. It was 100% worth the trip from Wales. She is very approachable and always answers any questions. The workshop environment is relaxed, allowing time for practice and questions. Highly recommended for stylists wanting to enhance skills."
Natalie Mace

"Flew from Spain, where I live, to attend one of Hannah’s hair courses in the UK as her education is top-notch! The day with Hannah was incredibly chill, relaxed, and so informative! I learned a lot, and her teaching style is thorough and easy to follow! I highly recommend her courses to both beginners and experienced hair stylists alike! Thank you once again, Hannah, for such a fantastic experience!"
Jo Mackay

"I attended one of Hannah’s bridal hair workshops recently and loved it. I learned a lot in just one day! Hannah is lovely and down-to-earth; you instantly feel comfortable in the relaxed atmosphere. She is a fantastic teacher. If you're considering bridal or occasion hair, this is a must. I also bought the online education, which was the best decision; it's detailed and comprehensive. Thank you, Hannah!"
Suzanne Coyne

"I traveled down to Hannah’s Workshop from the North of Scotland, and it was well worth the journey! I've been on her online education for a few years now and have learned so much from it. I thought it might just be more of the same, but it was so much more than expected! The hands-on experience, personal interaction, and depth of knowledge surpassed all my expectations. Thank you, Hannah."
Gemma Leslie

"I attended one of Hannah’s courses at her salon a few months ago, and it was fantastic. Despite already doing bridal hair, I learned many amazing techniques. Hannah explained everything in detail and showed us step by step. I left feeling much more confident, and the bridal hair I've done since looks so much better using her techniques. I want to come back for another day already. Highly recommend!"
Mitchell Simpkin

"I’ve been training with Hannah for years now. I’ve got her online education and been to 3 of her training days. Hannah goes through every style in lots of detail, answers any questions, and shares her tips and tricks! I’ve learned so much from her over the years. She is the ultimate hair wizard and the sweetest soul. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their hair styling skills!"
Amber Cutts

"I had a day training with Hannah, and I have to say she is absolutely incredible. I learned so much, and her teaching style made it much easier for me to understand. She simplifies everything and makes it more manageable for timings, which is crucial for bridal hairstylists to manage. It has completely changed my bridal hair game, and I can’t wait to come on the next day training."
Cassie McClymont

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In the afternoon you’ll also have the opportunity to practice what you have learnt, with help from me, and take some lovely photos for your portfolio.

Lunch and drinks are provided

You also receive a certificate for attending

If you fancy this and would like to come to a day that will leave you feeling more confident and inspired, then get in touch!


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